Guide to choosing the magnetic board

magnetic whiteboard singapore

A  magnetic board  is one of the best allies,  both in work and student environments , presenting features and  benefits  far superior to traditional chalk boards or very old-fashioned cork panels. The  magnetic whiteboard singapore  have a  large number of applications  and feature  simple maintenance . Although do not forget that need to optimize their use of various supplementary material, such as  drafts, holding magnets, cleaners, markers, etc .

Here is a small guide on the most important things you should know about this increasingly essential  office  and study material.

Types of magnetic whiteboards

The market is full of different models of  magnetic board , although really all can be included in  three types  of magnetic board.

Lacquered magnetic board

These  types of slates  are usually the  cheapest  on the market. There are different levels of quality, offering greater or less resistance to different types of wear, but the truth is that their focus is mostly on  occasional use. The lacquered magnetic boards can be used with  planning magnets  and  magnetic erasers .

Vitrified magnetic board

The  magnetic boards  vitrified are made  of steel , and its surface much  harder  than lacquer. Like vitrified steel pots, its  surface is covered with an authentic layer of porcelain or glazed ceramic. Its coating is carried out at more than 600 degrees, pouring a layer of porcelain or liquid glass over it, subsequently allowing its crystallization on the steel plate. As a result, these  magnetic boards  are  highly resistant , giving them  enormous durability.

Tempered Glass Magnetic Whiteboard

The  magnetic boards  glass are more expensive on the market, but are also considered as the  best investment  in this type of product, since being the toughest of all it is normal that  will last a lifetime.

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