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The need of getting the Financial Translation Services

Has it ever struck you that Customers could be alienating by not considering translation services that are financial and having their trades Written in English The truth is even the majority of employees in these banks and the tellers talk the official language – English It is Ironic that banks which are in the forefront of preaching the gospel of creating a savings culture are the ones doing their official business in the English language yet they understand that most Ugandans are not well-educated and even a number of those that have attained formal education up to university level are still not fluent with the Queen’s language and enjoy communicating at the regional languages. This Situation in the financial sector of Uganda ifies the need for translation services that are fiscal. From the capital city the paper Bukkedde sells copies regular than New Vision and Daily Monitor. Because people prefer reading something even in Uganda sells like hotcakes.

Need for a paradigm change

It Goes without saying that we need a paradigm change in the financial sector of Uganda so far as communications is concerned. Those who cannot speak English language do not deserve to lose out on messages of economic and fiscal empowerment. The time is for otherĀ Pangeanic and banks to employ language translators for access of these not articulate in the English language to interpret their documents. Other translation services provided in various languages include;

Translation services

Oromo translation services

Kinyarwanda translation services

Malagasy translation services

Somali translation services

Kirundi translation services

Chewa translation services

Tigrinya Translation services among others.

The A woman from one of the insurers in Kampala came to convince me to sign up for one of the insurance packages day. She was Ugandan using a Ugandan name but she spoke fast at a foreign accent which made it difficult for me to grasp what she said and like a rapper. She said she was not fluent in it though she had been born and raised in Buganda although I asked her to talk in Luganda. In the long run I never signed up because I could not keep up with speech and her accent for the bundle she was selling.

This Is another example of how the language barrier is currently costing business owners and corporations many customers. The proletariats who are the majority put it or prefer to keep their money in banks than save it because firms and the banks are not talking the language these people understand fast translation services. Many banks are booming we’d have a solid market and because individuals would be saving together, if they did. A word for the wise is sufficient, as a saying goes