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Colour Photo is the recent extremely hit on the Aha OTT. Aha is a OTT exclusively created telugu target market to view all very warm films in telugu. Colour Photo is one of the Aha original films. Aha has been expanding extremely fast with the abilities of artists, effective talk shows and authentic material. Colour Photo has actually become the biggest experience. It has been a severe talk for some time. There will be no telugu audience that have not heard about this motion picture. Romantic movies make your mood positive and also neat to recognize. There are many more romantic movies online like colour photo on aha.


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Colour Photo is a massive successful motion picture in current times. Ot has been launched on Aha OTT which was created telugu target market. You will like it and like exactly how this film has been fired as well as made. This motion picture is attractive not simply in words yet with visuals additionally. This is the tale of Jai Krishna as well as Deepthi. Their Love story is an incredibly hit. Like any other child, Jai krishna does not have any advantages. He doesn’t doesn’t have a household. He simply deals with the father who is old. Deepthi originates from a good family. Her family members does not disappoint her wishes and she is a satisfied woman. They see the same university. They see each other with some common close friends. Krishna already succumbed to her in the starting itself. She will later share her feelings to him at the bus stop. They like exactly how points are selecting each other, they have fun by conference but none of their buddies know it. The supreme twist is the household obtains involved into the story and also makes it even tougher for them to take a breath. They are in a powerless scenario as well as choose. View the movie on what basis they choose and what are the repercussions.

Technical aspect:

  • This film is made with love! The story which will be remembered forever. You will absolutely shake the minutes. In those small minutes, the movie appears beautiful.
    ● Emotional dialogues, The whole motion picture operates on the strong emotions and the motion picture has some solid and also psychological discussions.
    ● Cinematography! No question that it requires a huge applause that its effort is repaid. The angle of the video camera is handled well.
    ● Tunes are the heart of the movie.They are soulful and if you hear them heartfully, it’s the appeal.Artists Efficiency:
  • Suhas, also in truth although he is dusky, never felt embarrassed of his colour and also frankly verified himself.
    ● Chandini is a charming woman with lots of talents. Her abilities are improved and wish to see her more.
    ● Sunil is all rounder, not simply comedy he confirmed that he might hold serious feelings as well.You can watch Telugu movies online on aha and even your favouriteteluguwebseries on aha app.

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