A Comprehensive Guide to Your Business Analyst Career

Business analyst acts As a liaison between the information technology (IT) division of the business and management. He’s responsible for analyzing the provider’s business systems and identifying different possibilities for augmenting the functioning of business systems. It is the task of an analyst to clearly understand the issues of a business and create viable solutions for the woes confronting the enterprise. While creating these systems, it is his job to provide technological solutions to different business issues.


  • Defines and documents Various business functions & procedures.
  • Consults with personnel and management to clearly define business requirements, processes, problems and various levels of systems access.
  • Develops new systems and makes improvements to current systems to be able to make certain that it is in close conformity to the demands of the user.
  • Identifies various opportunities for improving business processes through information systems.
  • Provides assistance in training staff.

Requisite qualifications

Business Consultant

In Fact, there are No particular qualifications which you might need for performing analyst jobs. Business analyst job is now synonymous with technology and IT. Because of this, an IT background would be required for specific job profiles. Additionally, a post-graduate degree in finance is an extra benefit. The IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) is offering a certified specialist certification, which is recognized throughout the world.


In the past few years, There’s been a spurt in the financial growth. For this ecba certification reason, there are many different business analyst jobs that can be found on the market. The bundle of an analyst is very rewarding and the job comes along with other perks also. The package is dependent on factors like business, experience, work profile, location and skills. The IT industry business analysts are drawing great perks. On an average, an analyst can make around Rs 5-12 lakh/annum.

Career progression

Analysts usually start Their livelihood in entry-level job functions. They mostly focus on information, research and interviews. As an analyst gains more experience, they begin Working on important projects, which require an impeccable use of complex tools and knowledge. After a business analyst has gained work experience and skills Within different job functions, he/she may also begin own consulting company or move into other managerial roles.


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